Organic Moisturiser Men, with Jojoba & Olive, suitable for sensitive skin
Organic Moisturiser Men, with Jojoba & Olive, suitable for sensitive skin

Organic Moisturiser Men, with Jojoba & Olive, suitable for sensitive skin

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BAREMOO have created this ultra rich natural moisturiser for Men, suitable for all skin types including sensitive easily irritated skin. This Jojoba & Olive blend contains only a handful of carefully chosen, recognisable ingredients, so you know exactly what your putting on your skin.

 Aroma: lightly scented with Organic Vanilla

Handmade in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and nutrient density. 

Turn to our roots, we DON'T use Phenoxyethanol, Parabens, Petrolatum, Paraffin Oil, Silicones, PEG's or any other nasty ingredients.


  • It can help give your skin a moisture boost.
  • it may help reduce, redness and irritation after shaving. 
  • It can be calming for itchy, flaky skin, eczema and psoriasis.
  • With our prized ingredient Tallow, which closely mimics the fats and oils found naturally in healthy youthful skin. This cream also makes a perfect choice for softening the appearance of fine lines while supporting skin’s natural barrier function, leaving skin looking and feeling more fresh and hydrated.


Ingredients: Tallow**, Jojoba Seed oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Sweet Almond oil* Vanilla Fruit Extract*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*

*Certified Organic ingredient   **Organic


Our prized ingredient - Organic Grass Fed Tallow

The fatty acids found in our organic grass-fed tallow are ultra rich, incredibly compatible and similar to the structure of the oils (lipids) found in our outer layer of skin (sebum) this makes it highly absorbable which improves the protective barrier function of the skin, prevent moisture loss and regenerates the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin. It also contains essential vitamins A, D and K as well as vitamin E which are all critical for our general health as well as our skin health. The Tallow used in our Bare Moo creams is a high quality, gently rendered animal fat, after the rendering process is completed we are left with liquid gold, it’s this liquid gold that protects, regenerates and will deeply moisturise your skin, it is as pure as a moisturiser can be.



*Other key ingredients 

 Organic, Jojoba Seed Oil - Cold pressed 

Jojoba oil is the liquid wax extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Some of the compounds found in jojoba oil are almost instantly absorbed into the skin, where they form a protective shield around the skin cells, preventing them from losing any additional moisture. The hydrating properties of this oil can prevent skin flaking and protect the cells that are most vulnerable to outside elements. 



     Organic, Virgin Olive Oil - Cold pressed.

    The Spanish Olive oil used in Bare Moo creams is not only a nutritious oil for dressing your salads but also great for nourishing your skin. A rich fatty acid profile, it contains three major antioxidants; vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols, which help to neutralise free radicals, preventing skin damage and repairing cell membranes.

    • Olive oil is high in squalene, which helps to regulate oil production and improve cell regeneration.
    • Squalene is critical for vitamin D synthesis in the skin and is found naturally in the oils produced by youthful skin (sebum).

    Mediterranean folk have been applying it directly to their skin for decades to deliver the appropriate moisture to their sun tanned skins. To ensure maximum quality and preservation of nutrients and antioxidants, the olives are cold pressed immediately after harvest and the resulting olive oil is gravity settled, not filtered.



    Organic, Sweet Almond oil - Cold pressed 

    Sourced in the vast Almond regions of California, this high grade Organic Almond oil offers numerous raw benefits due to the sensitive nature in which it was produced via cold pressing so all the goodness remains within the oil. An excellent emollient.
    Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Calms & protects against skin irritation. A straightforward nutritious skin food.



    Organic, Vanilla Bean Extract

    Soft and sweet, Vanilla is one of the most popular notes used in skincare, however Vanilla is much more than a beautiful smell, it also has a number of important benefits, including its ability to prevent the breakdown of cells and tissues around the body and stimulate the body’s natural regrowth. The antibacterial nature of this beneficial flower makes it a powerful ally in the battle against pimples and skin irritation as it can eliminate the underlying infection and speed up the healing process of the skin. It can even reduce the appearance of scars from a particularly bad bout of acne. On top of that it smells wonderful!



    Organic, Rosemary leaf Extract

    A dark brown, very thick, oily liquid botanical extract from the dried leaves of the Rosemary plant using CO2 extraction. Rosemary is an extremely effective antioxidant with anti-inflammatory proprieties, it keeps the tallow and cold pressed Organic oils fresh and stable.