About Siobhan & Eilish


    • Siobhan Mulgrew - Mum to three fabulous boys.
    • Eilish O' Loughlin - Mum to three beautiful Children,1 boy and 2 girls. 
    • We are family; sisters in law.
    • Family oriented and conscious about our children's well-being.
    • Passionate about natural, clean living.

    We believe "Nature is a wonderful thing".

     Coming from similar backgrounds and the same part of the country, we were both lucky enough to be born into quite large families. Eilish is one of six children and Siobhan is one of 5 children. Our parents would have taught us the same important qualities; their main principles were family, always treat each other right and look out for one another, live honestly, respect others, appreciate the beautiful land and the animals which live on it, give back to nature and don’t forget to have fun along the way....   

    Our parents would have also been like-minded in their approach to food and well-being. We were fuelled by wholesome food, always nutritious, bone broths, casseroles, everything had to be real, nothing processed, never!

     These qualities have helped shape our lives so far...

    Moving on through the years, we both had similar careers; in hospitality then sales. It was in 2009 that we became family with the marriage of Siobhan to Eilish's brother Phelim.

    Soon after that the children followed. It was when we both had children with eczema-prone skin that we grew even more aware about the importance of nature.

    Coming from families that have great skin, eczema was new to both of us. We researched and shared findings on things which may help. We started to look into the foods which we were eating and feeding to our children, what we were using on our skin and the products we used in our homes. We developed a newfound awareness of the chemicals which are hidden in foods, skincare products & home cleaning products.

    Our lives started changing for the better. We started buying organic foods, we changed to more environmentally friendly cleaning brands and ditched the nasty skin products. We both took a gentler approach to our lives and trained in holistic therapies.

    How Bare Moo Came to Be / The Idea

    As time went by with our newfound awareness, we became growingly concerned that we couldn’t find truly organic, natural moisturising creams which met our high standards. Us being us however, we started to set about making our own in the kitchen, drawing on our (now considerable) research and guided by the knowledge and values passed down to us from generations past.

    We didn’t set out with the intention of using tallow. Our only principles were that our ingredients must be natural, sustainable and good for body and mind.

    Through continuous experimentation in the kitchen, guided by research of what our ancestors used to care for their bodies, we began to realise that with premium-quality tallow we had stumbled upon something quite special. Whilst our formulations evolved and refined, tallow was fast becoming a constant in our all our favourite creams.

    As time went by, we grew more confident and ambitious, modifying our techniques and recipes constantly and gradually infusing our creams with natural oils and scents which led to us and our families falling in love with what we were producing.

    In November 2017, after much encouragement and coaxing, we decided it was time to share what we had made with the world.

    So, the journey began.... 

    What Makes it Great / The Formula

    We’re extremely proud of what we have created. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits our cream has brought to people suffering with skin conditions. We’ve also seen the joy it brings to people simply wanting the best for their bodies.

    In developing the final product you know and love, we sourced the highest quality tallow from a beautiful Irish farm where the cattle roam freely across acres of beautiful lush organic green pastures and where the farmer is passionate about sustainable, transparent and ethical farming practices. This results in a clean, pure, high vitamin tallow, a wonderful skin food that is truly 100% natural. With our first batch in hand we got to work, from the start we both fell in love with it, even the smell of the tallow on its own with nothing else added was beautiful, we were hooked!

    As holistic enthusiast’s we both use essential oils in our everyday lives, so we already knew what we wanted to include in some of our creams. We learned what oils worked best together. We started sourcing organic or wild foraged carrier and essential oils from around the world. We learned about the therapeutic benefits each oil had, not only for the skin but also for the mind and soul. We made sample after sample and soon noticed a difference in our own skin. it felt silky smooth and we were glowing. It wasn’t long before other people started noticing the differences too.

    What’s more, the dry skin and eczema that both our kids had been suffering began to improve dramatically, it was truly transformative.

    We started distributing samples to our family and friends and from here the positive feedback was amazing, which gave us great encouragement. We knew we had to continue this journey and bring our products to market. After two years of research and development we have proudly created Bare Moo and produced five moisturising creams; two for women, two for men and one for babies.

    Our men’s and women’s creams are all designed to naturally nourish the skin, harmonise the mind and lift the soul. Our baby cream is designed simply to nourish and calm.

    Thanks for reading

    Eilish & Siobhan