Tallow and why we LOVE it!

Tallow and why we LOVE it!

We love Tallow and we're not afraid to shout it's praises from the rooftop. Tallow has been used for centuries by our ancestors, it was traditionally used for medical salves, where it was combined with medical plants and herbs then applied to the skin to assist in healing. 

Tallow is wonderful skin food, it has an abundance of properties essential to our well being. We're delighted to see it making a come back but it's also important to note that not all Tallow is created equal.

Much like meat, grass-fed tallow is noticeably superior to its industrially raised grain-fed counterpart, not just in terms of quality but also ethically and in terms of sustainability.

Tallow from grass fed cows raised the organic way contains a much higher mineral and nutrient dense profile and contains higher levels of vitamins. We can see that our ancestors were onto something!

The fatty acids found in our organic grass-fed tallow are ultra-rich and uniquely compatible with the structure of the oils (lipids) found in our outer layer of skin (sebum) which makes it highly absorbable, improving the protective barrier function of the skin. This prevents moisture loss and regenerates the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin.

It also contains essential vitamins A, D and K as well as vitamin E which are all crucial for our general health as well as our skin health.

We know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and readily absorbs much of what is applied to it, good or bad. That is why so many drugs can be administered through the use of transdermal patches. Therefore, it is a wise precaution not to apply substances to our skin that we would not readily take internally. 

At Bare Moo, we don't put anything on our skin that we wouldn't put in our mouth.

The Tallow use in Bare Moo could not be of a higher quality. We researched more farms that we cared to count in our search for a farm that was run in line with our core principles of ethical, sustainable farming and high quality ingredients.

We render our Tallow slowly and by hand. We apply a low temperature over many hours in our purpose built kitchen overlooking the Sperrin Mountains.

After the rendering process is completed, we are left with a pure liquid gold. This liquid gold forms the foundation that, along with our unique blends of organic and foraged essential oils, we have produced beautiful moisturises that protects and nourishes your skin whilst calming your mind and rejuvenating the soul.

                                        Eilish & Siobhan BARE MOO



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