Our Team

Siobhan Mulgrew and Eilish O'Loughlin


We come from similar backgrounds and were both lucky enough to be born into quite large families.

Eilish is one of six children and Siobhan is one of five. Our parents taught us the same important principles to live by; looking out for one another, living honestly, respecting others, appreciating the beautiful land and the animals we share it with. Oh, and have fun along the way!

Our parents were also like-minded in their approach to food and wellbeing. We were fuelled by wholesome food, simple ingredients but nutrient dense, of the land and with as much colour on the plate as possible. 

In a way this approach to food has impacted our approach to life, in ways that go beyond simply what we choose to eat. 

We became family in 2009, sister's in law to be precise! Although we had known each other from well before then. We both starter our own families as the new decade begun.

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