Our Story

The Problem

It was shortly after this that we both had children with eczema.

Coming from families that have great skin, eczema was new to both of us. When nothing seemed to work, we turned to the books and each other.

We researched and shared findings on things which may help. 

It was this process that led to us discovering what would become the key ingredient for Bare Moo, Tallow.


The Solution

Tallow is derived from a very particular type of organic beef fat. You’d be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at this point. That’s OK, so did we.

We’ve all grown up accustomed to a cosmetic industry that fills our shelves with weak, generic, water based and chemically laden products. To the point where that feels normal. It isn’t.

The ingredients in the products that line your shelves reflect the demands of the global supply chain and mass markets that they serve. They do not reflect what is best for YOUR SKIN.

For millennia our ancestors relied on Tallow when it came to protecting their largest organ, the skin. As with many age old solutions to timeless problems, modern science helps us understand why it was so effective.

The fatty acids found in organic grass-fed tallow are ultra rich, incredibly and uniquely compatible and similar to the structure of the oils (lipids) found in our outer layer of skin (sebum).

This makes it highly absorbable which improves the protective barrier function of the skin, prevents moisture loss and regenerates the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin. It also contains essential vitamins A, D and K as well as vitamin E which are all critical for our general health as well as our skin health. T

Over a series of weekends we began to source and refine a small amount of this new substance, creating a simple cream we could apply to our children's skin.

Within weeks the results were self evident, our kids conditions completely subsided and we were left with happy children with wonderful skin. 

Naturally we looked for creams out there that were of a similar makeup and quality but non existed, so we set about making our own.


The Beginning of Bare Moo

Through continuous experimentation in the kitchen, guided by research of what our ancestors used to care for their bodies, we began to realise that with premium-quality tallow we had stumbled upon something quite special. Whilst our formulations evolved and refined, tallow was fast becoming a constant in our all our favourite creams.

As time went by, we grew more confident and ambitious, modifying our techniques and recipes constantly and gradually infusing our creams with natural oils and scents which led to us and our families falling in love with what we were producing.

In November 2017, after much encouragement and coaxing, we decided it was time to share what we had made with the world.

So, the journey began.... 



What Makes it Great

We’re extremely proud of what we have createdWe’ve seen first-hand the benefits our cream has brought to people suffering with skin conditions. We’ve also seen the joy it brings to people simply wanting the best for their bodies.

In developing the final product you know and love, we sourced the highest quality tallow from a beautiful Irish farm where the cattle roam freely across acres of beautiful lush organic green pastures and where the farmer is passionate about sustainable, transparent and ethical farming practices. This results in a clean, pure, high vitamin tallow, a wonderful skin food that is truly 100% natural. With our first batch in hand we got to work, from the start we both fell in love with it, even the smell of the tallow on its own with nothing else added was beautiful, we were hooked!

As holistic enthusiast’s we both use essential oils in our everyday lives, so we already knew what we wanted to include in some of our creams. We learned what oils worked best together. We started sourcing organic or wild foraged carrier and essential oils from around the world. We learned about the therapeutic benefits each oil had, not only for the skin but also for the mind and soul. We made sample after sample and soon noticed a difference in our own skin. it felt silky smooth and we were glowing. It wasn’t long before other people started noticing the differences too.

We started distributing samples to our family and friends and from here the positive feedback was amazing, which gave us great encouragement. We knew we had to continue this journey and bring our products to market. After two years of research and development we have proudly created Bare Moo and produced five moisturising creams; two for women, two for men and one for babies.

Our men’s and women’s creams are all designed to naturally nourish the skin, harmonise the mind and lift the soul. Our baby cream is designed simply to nourish and calm.


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