Where are Bare Moo products made?

They're hand made in Ireland in our purposely built workshop overlooking the beautiful Sperrin Mountains. We source our ingredients with great care and only work with a select group of carefully chosen suppliers.


Are ALL ingredients listed on the packaging?

YES! Here at Bare Moo we believe in being honest. No secrets here... we are as proud of the back of the box as we are of the front.


What is Tallow?

Tallow is beef fat that has been rendered at low temperatures to purify and stabilise it. Grass Fed Tallow is a nutrient-dense whole food that is solid at room temperature. For centuries Tallow was used for cooking, making candles, medicinal salves, poultices, waterproofing skin and garments and for cosmetic purposes.

The Tallow in Bare Moo Skincare products is of the highest quality. Organic, grass fed beef suet (the highly prized, nutrient-dense fat from around the kidneys) is sourced from carefully selected Irish organic farmers. The suet is gently rendered at low heat to produce a super-high quality, pure liquid gold Tallow.


Why do Bare Moo creams not need preservatives?

Bare Moo Creams are anhydrous formulations, meaning there is no water in them. Most conventional moisturising creams contain between 50% and 85% water. Water is the perfect environment for bacteria, mold and fungus to grow in.

No water means there is no need for synthetic or “natural” preservatives in these creams. It also means there is no need for all of the “filler” ingredients like emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilisers that are usually added to conventional formulation. You can keep them water-free by ensuring your fingers are clean and dry when applying cream and by replacing the lid tightly after use. 

Another reason we don’t need preservatives is that organic Rosemary Leaf Extract is a powerful anti-microbial (and anti-inflammatory). It helps to keep the animal fats and cold pressed oils fresh and stable.


Is tallow sustainable?

The grass-fed suet from which our Tallow is made, is an animal by-product that would otherwise be discarded. By taking this ingredient and turning it into a beautifully pure, skin nourishing cream, we are ultimately practicing incredible sustainability.


Will my skin feel greasy when I use the Bare Moo Creams?

No. If your skin feels greasy after using Bare Moo then you’re using too much! These creams are super rich, so remember that a little goes a long way.

The creams are highly skin compatible, as they contain a lot of the same fatty acids that are found naturally in your skin. Bare Moo creams are softly whipped and will melt nicely when you rub them between your fingers or palms (so don’t skip this step!). The cream absorbs easily into your skin to deeply moisturise, nourish and protect, leaving your skin glowing and feeling silky smooth.


Are Bare Moo products suitable for sensitive skin?

Generally speaking our essential oil blended products are well-tolerated, however if you have specific concerns with your skin, use our Bare Moo creams specifically formulated for sensitive skin. If in doubt, always test on a small area first (e.g. behind your ear) and leave the product on for 24 hours. If there's any redness or soreness then discontinue use.


What is the shelf life of Bare Moo creams?

We recommend you use your Bare Moo creams within 6 months of opening, to ensure maximum freshness and nutrient density. 

You can also help to extend the shelf-life of your cream and keep it as fresh as possible by storing it in a cool dry place, ensuring your fingers are clean and dry when applying cream and by replacing the lid tightly after use. 


Why does my cream change with temperature?

Our creams are natural products, blended using our prized tallow which is solid at room temperature and softer at higher temperatures. Bare Moo creams will therefore become harder in cool climates and softer in warmer climates. This will not affect the nourishing ability of your cream.


Why do the Bare Moo Creams vary sometimes in colour, texture and scent?

Bare Moo creams are made with all-natural ingredients that vary with the season, the conditions and the individuality of the animals themselves. They are also handmade with care in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and nutrient density, not in a lab or factory with machinery. It’s therefore totally natural that there will be some variation between batches. We think this is a good thing!


Who are Bare Moo products tested on?

Bare Moo Creams have only been tested on willing humans!


Where can I buy Bare Moo products?

The best place to buy our products is on Facebook & our Website. We currently don't sell to high street retailers, department stores or other shops.


Do you have a press contact?

We like our products to speak for themselves, helped along by reviews from real customers -  but if you do want someone to speak to email: eilish@baremoo.com or siobhan@baremoo.com


Do you work with bloggers?

Yes! email: info@baremoo.com and tell us about yourself.

If you have any other question email: info@baremoo.

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