About Bare Moo

We at Bare Moo are passionate about healthy living, not just what we eat and drink but also what we put on the outside of our body.

The skin is our bodies largest organ, it's therefore so important that we look after it and nourish it.

We created our products out of sincere concern about the chemicals present in some personal care products and the potential adverse effects that they may have.

Our aim at Bare Moo is to return to a way of caring for our skin that's more in line with the methods used by our ancestors. Back then, tallow was a hugely popular method for tending to the skin and many of our modern day skin problems were pretty much non-existent then.

Through years of research and not a small amount of trial and error, we've created a new, luxury, modern-day tallow-based moisturising cream which will not only nourish your skin but also lift your spirits.

We’re both organic enthusiasts and we've used only the finest organic and wild-harvested oils sourced from around the world, each with its own therapeutic purpose. These are blended with Irish tallow from happy, healthy cattle reared lovingly on open pastures to bring you these pots of organic goodness.

We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

Bare Moo

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