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Tallow and why we LOVE it!

After the rendering process is completed, we are left with a pure liquid gold. This liquid gold forms the foundation that, along with our unique blends of organic and foraged essential oils, we have produced beautiful moisturises

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The BARE truth about Nasties

Choosing Safer Skincare Is Up To Us As there is little to no regulation of harmful ingredients in personal care products, it is up to us to choose safer products for ourselves and our families. 

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Tallow and why we love it.

We love Tallow, for most people the mere mention of the word Tallow on skin conjures up fear but at BARE MOO we are unrepentant in it's praise of this highly prized skin food. Tallow has been used for centuries by our ancestors, it was traditional used for medical salves, where it was combined with medical plants and herbs then applied to the skin to assist in healing, it only fell out of fashion 50 years ago when two weak reports, whose findings have instructed the western diet for the past 50 years and led to our fear of fat. Tallow is a wonderful skin food as it is truly 100% natural. Not only is tallow NOT bad for you,...

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